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Making A Difference In Every Heartbeat This October

  This month’s MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN EVERY HEARTBEAT update focuses on the training services we provide to get individuals ready for employment. At Campbell Page we believe in making a difference across a wide range of communities, so our training services span across aged care, retail, business, childhood education and more. We are also […]

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Green Army gets the young adults of Killalea job-ready

With 30 young recruits taking part in the Killalea Green Army so far this year, the community can now anticipate several more projects in the pipeline. Killalea State Park is already host to three Green Army projects, who together have planted in excess of 5,000 native fauna in the area, covering a staggering 6 hectares […]

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Making a difference in every heartbeat!

Together, we have been making a difference at Campbell Page for 30 years now across communities Australia wide. We are proud to be having a positive effect amongst young, indigenous, regional, disadvantaged and marginalised groups.  So why not share more about the difference we have made? Introducing ‘Making a difference in every heartbeat’, a monthly […]

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