Success Stories

Joining Forces with LINK Community Transport

We are excited to announce that Campbell Page and LINK Community Transport have partnered up to ensure that all people in our community have access to the same services. LINK is the largest community transport provider in Victoria. They have helped thousands of people live a better life and remain independent by providing safe and affordable […]

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Finding Himself while Finding a Job

Harley first came to Campbell Page straight out of school unsure of what was next for him and how he would go about finding a job. At his first meeting with his Candidate Coach he was very reserved and quiet for many reasons, but namely, because he was lacking in confidence. I found it really […]

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Spotlight on Palm Island: Robert Youngblutt’s Story

Robert Youngblutt is a Campbell Page site Supervisor on Palm Island and has been living on the Island since he was 30 years old. Originally from Bribie Island (75km from Brisbane), Robert first visited Palm Island at the age of 19 to spend time with his Aunt and Uncle. A year later he returned to help […]

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From Unemployed to CEO – Here’s how Leon did it

Leon Brown came to Campbell Page just like many other job seekers before him: unemployed, but hungry for something more. He was determined to find his passion and build a career from it. For Leon there was no inbetween. It was either you are passionate and love what you do or you are in the […]

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Her Disability was Never Going to Stop her Providing for her Kids

Raising two children can be difficult for anyone, however, Ayda had more challenges than most. When Ayda first came to Campbell Page she was doing everything she could for her family, but her disability made it hard to find a job. When I first met her I could see that she was a warm, loving person who […]

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14 Years to Find the Job that could become a Career

It took Darren Nichols quite a while to find the job that fit. It wasn’t that he was picky about the jobs presented to him and it wasn’t that he refused to try – he was just focused on finding a job that could turn into a career.  He first started his job search when […]

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