Community Development Programme team learn new skills to keep culture alive

Friday 25th of May marked the first of five mornings where members of the Palm Island Community Development Programme Arts & Culture Activity Team went out into the bush to learn traditional skills of the Bwgcolamn and Manburra People.

The traditional skills and customs being taught to the Arts & Culture Activity Team are a huge part of the idenity of the Bwgcolman and Manburra peoples. By learning these skills the team is making an attempt to keep the culture alive for generations to come. – Nathan Vinson, Palm Island Community Development Programme Manger

One of the local Palm Island Elders, Harold ‘Ringo’ Wilson, shared his knowledge and skills in the collection and preparation of traditional bark painting. ‘Ringo’ taught the participants how to identify the perfect trees for the process and how to remove and prepare the bark for painting.

‘Ringo’ has a great many skills which he hopes to pass onto the younger and future generations of the community, which in turn will help keep alive the traditions and customs of the Bwgcolman and Manburra people who are the traditional custodians of the land.

The Palm Island Community Development Programme (CDP) is a remote employment and community development service. Palm Island CDP aims to help people find work, while allowing them to contribute to their communities and gain skills at the same time. To find out more visit our CDP page or Contact us

Palm Island Community Development Programme

Words by: Tiarne Pattison 

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