You’ve done it! You wrote a great resume, landed an interview and made a wonderful first impression – now you have to play the waiting game. Stuck on what to do while waiting to hear back from your job interview?

While it may be a difficult time, these 4 Things to Do While Waiting to Hear back from Your Job Interview should help ease your stress.

1.Be Patient

While you may be a combination of excitement and stress, it is important to be patient. There may have been a number of candidates who interviewed for the same position as you, therefore the reviewing process may take a while.

2.Keep yourself busy

Part of managing the stress that comes from waiting to hear back about a job, is to keep your mind from dwelling on all possible scenarios. The interview is over – you have done (mostly) all you can, why not keep yourself busy doing things that you put off doing while you were preparing for the interview? Cleaning your bathroom may not be your idea of a good time, but it will keep you busy enough to stop you from jumping to conclusions.

3.Follow up 

If you didn’t follow up the day after your interview now is the perfect time. If you did follow up a day or so after the interview, perhaps wait until a week or so has passed and gently and politely ask how long you can expect to wait until you hear back. Remember that too many emails or phone calls may undo all of the work you put into your first impression, so keep it short, and limit yourself.

4.Continue your job search

I’m sure you have heard more times than you can count “not to put all of your eggs in one basket”. This rule applies so perfectly to anyone on the hunt for a job. Waiting to hear back from an interview is no excuse to stop your job search, no matter how well you did in your interview. It is always best to have a back up plan just in case.

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Words by: Tiarne Pattison