MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN EVERY HEARTBEAT is a monthly opportunity for us to share with you, the stories that matter most. A new year brings for many a chance to start over, make changes and follow their dreams. This January we’d like to inspire you to do just that, by sharing Shane story. In his 20’s and uncertain about the future, Shane managed to turn things around for the better. i


“Life is now sweet as” -Shane, Blackbutt NSW

Shane (Job Active)


Shane was 28 years old, jobless and battling with low self esteem when he was first introduced to Campbell Page. Local Wollongong Councillor Vicky Curran had met Shane at an Indigenous get together prior, and recognised that while Shane appeared withdrawn he just needed the right support to motivate him in life. Impressed by his unique determination despite his challenges, Vicky arranged for Shane to get in touch with Val (Campbell Page Candidate Coach). It was then that his life began to turn around.

Shane is of Indigenous Australian heritage, and due to a number of set backs in life already was left with little hope. Even though Shane was eager to get a ‘real job’, Val first made sure he was connected to the right support group who would be able to help him start to build his sense of self worth. Through the network Val had set up for him, Shane gradually began to gain confidence and to find a positive outlook on life despite his past. This process in-itself was a huge step for Shane, and in the words of Vicky a ‘big big achievement’.

Like any transition story, Shane’s journey was not without its challenges along the way. Initially Shane started contributing to the Campbell Page ‘Work for the dole’ program, where he assisted in the set-up of a 2016 Business Calendar for the Dapto region. Feeling restless and ready to work full time, Shane then underwent a brief stint as a tyre fitter for a commercial vehicle company. Although Shane worked hard in this position, his slight build was just not suited for the heavy lifting involved. Even Shane’s employer confirmed that despite his best efforts, Shane was not the right fit for the role.

Unwilling to place Shane in the ‘too hard basket’, Val continued searching for a position that would complement his strengths. As time went on Shane was just about ready to give up, when a vacancy became available as a production hand at ‘Cooks Confectionery’ in Dapto. When presented with the opportunity to apply for the position, Shane enthusiastically responded ‘you beaut, put me forward!’. In his own words, he was ‘ready’.

In preparation for the big ‘day’ of the interview, Val was uncertain if Shane’s quiet disposition would hinder his chances. The opposite was the case however, and it was Shane’s positive and polite nature which convinced the hiring manager, Reuben, of his potential. The lead up to Christmas is a peak period at ‘Cooks Confectionery’, and Shane managed to put in the overtime and hard work necessary. Shane is now almost six months into the role, and his overall demeanor and outlook on life has completely transformed.

Shane believes that life is ‘sweet as’, now that he can support his mother and even start to improve his lifestyle. He is looking forward to progressing in the company, and taking on more responsibility. Reuben has confirmed that even though Shane has had very little training, it is his ‘enthusiasm and willingness to learn’ which makes Reuben wish he had more staff ‘just like him’.

Val from Campbell Page would like to take the opportunity to congratulate Shane on his achievements, stating that; ‘the team are proud of you, your family are proud of you, Vicky from the Council is proud of you… but above all Shane, you should be proud of how far you’ve come’.

If you or someone you care about needs help finding work, contact Campbell Page today and see if Val and the team can support you!