We’re taking part in AccessAbility Day again this year! It’s a great opportunity to connect local employers to people with a disability looking for work.

What’s in it for the person looking for work?

So much great stuff! With an AccessAbility Day placement, you’ll meet new people, discover new skills and try an industry you haven’t thought of before. You’ll also get your choice of big or small employer, and take another step closer to your next job.

To be part of this year’s AccessAbility Day, you’ll need to be looking for work and qualify for Disability Employment Services.

Here’s how you can get in touch:

  • you can chat to us via webchat
  • send us an email hello@campbellpage.org.au or
  • talk to your Employment Consultant at your next appointment

What’s in it for employers?

Take part in AccessAbility Day to discover new talent and open your doors to the benefits of a an inclusive workplace. And best of all, give someone desperately searching for a job a bit of a boost and some new skills and experience that they can call on.

Get involved in this year’s AccessAbility Day. Call us on (02) 9103 8650 or reach out via webchat or email hello@campbellpage.org.au

Find out more about Disability Employment Services here.  look here to see what classifies as a disability (you might be surprised what you find!)

AccessAbility Day is an Australian Government initiative aimed at connecting jobseekers with disability and employers for a day to experience what each has to offer.