The new opportunity as well as the support from Campbell Page is changing my life and helping me in reaching goals I am setting. – Amir

Amir has demonstrated his determination from a young age. At 22 he arrived in Australia searching for success, leaving  all of his family and friends behind in Egypt.

He came to Campbell Page after several physical based positions were not giving him enough hours to sustain a comfortable quality of life. The lack of working hours were not the only struggles that Amir was facing.

Campbell Page Sunshine Business Manager, Danni Jovanovic and Sunshine Business Development Manager Mark Nikolajenko were shocked to find out that Amir was at risk of becoming homeless through no fault of his own. The Sunshine team were alarmed further when Amir told them he had been enduring severe pain from an injury he sustained in a horrific car accident. Amir  has been left with a spinal injury which has caused a chronic leg injury and employment limitations.

Every adversity that Amir has faced has not deterred his determination, courage and dedication to his goals in the slightest – it has motivated him further in reaching goals he had set.

We knew it would be tough finding Amir employment that wouldn’t affect his injuries further, but in the end Amir’s determination to learn new skills is what will get him there. He is one of the most inspiring people to walk through our office. – Danni Jovanovic, Campbell Page Sunshine Business Manager

The Campbell Page Sunshine team were quick to guide and mentor Amir through the challenges he was facing in his personal life and towards finding employment.

The public transportation industry was almost immediately considered as it would not put any further strain on his existing injuries. As it turned out Amir was already holding a current truck driver’s license, which meant that he was also qualified to drive a bus.

Having never driven a bus before – yet not one to shy away from a challenge – Amir was enrolled by The Sunshine Team in bus driving lessons, as a means of strengthening his chance at gaining employment and reaching goals he and Danni had set. These lessons furthered Amir’s heavy vehicle driving skills so much so that he was successful in getting a trial with  SITA Buslines.

I am excited and anxious… But mostly excited!

Amir has been preparing for the trial in his own time. He has been driving the routes in his own car as well as travelling the routes as a passenger. SITA Buslines  noticed Amir on their buses several times a day and when they found out that he was preparing himself for his trial with them they  were impressed with his levels of commitment to the trial.

Campbell Page team members also saw the level of motivation and devotion Amir was demonstrating and decided to financially assist him. The Campbell Page Sunshine Team paid for his Myki top-ups and provided fuel cards to ensure that he could continue to learn the bus routes hands on. In addition, all team members at the Sunshine Hub have been dedicated to helping Amir through the obstacles he is facing in his personal life.

All staff members always took the time to see how he was and to ask if there was anything they could do to help. The Campbell Page Sunshine Team decided to provide Amir with further financial assistance to help with the costs of hiring a storage space and trailers, along with other moving expenses.

Good luck Amir! We have no doubt that you will gain employment with the fantastic support you are receiving from the Campbell Page Sunshine Team!!

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Words: Tiarne Pattison