Audio described version of How We Help our Partner Employers



A white screen appears. At left a pink circle grows. Blue text appears in the centre.

TEXT: Meet Andy.



A cartoon male (Andy) with brown hair is placed at right of the screen by a cartoon hand. He waves.

The circle and text disappears. New text appears at left.


TEXT: Andy works for an organisation that partners with Campbell Page (stacked logo)



The screen goes blank. The screen changes to pink. The cartoon hand drags in text from right to left.


TEXT: His organisation wants to



Larger text now grows on the screen below the first lines of text.


TEXT: Champion Disability



The hand pushes the final line of text from the bottom.


TEXT: & build an inclusive workplace



The screen changes to yellow. A white circle appears in the centre. Text begins to appear within the circle.


TEXT: Why does Andy’s organisation partner with Campbell Page (Stacked logo) ?



Andy walks in to the left of the screen and raises his hand like he has an idea.

The screen changes to a white page with grey stacked text at left.


TEXT: Because Campbell Page can help them become



Large blue stacked text appears at right.


TEXT: An employer of choice.



A white screen appears and the cartoon hand pushes blue text from the bottom to the middle of the screen.


TEXT: So how do we do that?



A white screen appears with a blonde cartoon women sitting at a desk. Above her is grey text.


TEXT: We help our partner employers:



At right is a large blue circle with white text. This text completes the previous sentence.


TEXT: Be informed. Receive the information and tools needed to build and inclusive workplace.



The circle changes to grey and the text is updated.


TEXT: Be supported. We listen to you to understand your business needs and support you over the journey.



The circle changes to pink and the text is updated.


TEXT: Be rewarded. Receive free recruitment support, government incentives (if applicable) and build a positive workplace culture.



The circle changes to yellow and the text is updated.


TEXT: Be seen. Become a disability confident workplace and be seen as an employer of choice.



The screen changes to a pink back ground with white text.


TEXT: With Campbell Page’s support and resources, Andy’s organisation was able to connect with Mika.



A cartoon scene of a city appears on screen. In the foreground, a women with glasses and dark hair appears at left and text appears at the top right.


TEXT: This is Mika.



Mika waves happily. More text appears below the first line.


TEXT: She is one of the:



5 people icons appear on screen. One is coloured great and the remaining 4 are pink. More text appears below this.


TEXT: Australians who have a disability.



The screen changes to blue. White text appears at left on screen.


TEXT: Andy’s organisation employed Mika. Together with Campbell Page they are finding new ways to build.



The cartoon hand pushes large white text from top right down.


TEXT: An inclusive workplace



The scene changes to Mika and Andy standing in an office. Mika raises her hands excitedly and Andy gives a thumbs up.

A white screen appears and a yellow circle with pink text within it grows.


TEXT: Want to partner with



The Campbell Page stacked logo slides in from left to right. The cartoon hand pushes a large question mark below the logo.

A white contact page appears. There are seven lines of information from top to bottom.


TEXT: Let’s chat about how we can support your workplace.

1300 139 920 (Campbell Page contact number) (Campbell Page website)



Social media icons. From left to right they include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.

Campbell Page logo.

The video ends.

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