Audio Described Version of Partners Video



Circular graphic appears on screen. Grey and bold pink text fades in that reads:


TEXT: Meet Lidija



An illustrated graphic of a woman (Lidija) in a business suit is placed on screen. She waves.

The scene fades left to right. Left of the screen, Lidija is sitting at a desk working on her laptop. Text appears at right.


TEXT: Her organisation partners with Campbell Page.



The scene fades.

A lightbulb appears on a white screen with text.



TEXT: So            Does she partner with Campbell Page?



There is a large gap between the word “So” and “Does”

A cartoon hand pushes the word “Why” coloured blue in between this space. The sentence now reads.



TEXT: So why does she partner with Campbell Page?



The scene changes to Lidija standing in a park with green grass and flowers. Text appears.


TEXT: Because Lidija cares about finding new ways to benefit the community.



Her arms stretch open in a welcoming manner and she smiles.

Pink bold text appears.


TEXT: and so do we.



The scene changes back to a white screen and a yellow hammer and spanner icon. Text is dragged from right by the cartoon hand.


TEXT: How does it work?



The cartoon hand drags a white screen across. Two circles, one larger than the other, made using dots grow on screen. Large text appears within the smaller circle.


TEXT: We believe in mutually benefiting partnerships



Below a dotted line smaller text appears. At right, a red and white handshake icon fades in.


TEXT: That means we want to build partnerships where everybody wins.



The screen fades to white and the cartoon hand pushes text from the bottom of the screen to the top.


TEXT: What can we offer you?



A blue illustrated hot air balloon flies in from the right to left acting as a bullet point. Pink text follows. The graphic and text alternates until a full list is on screen.



  • Referrals
  • Practical support
  • Resources and collaboration tools
  • Networking opportunities
  • Staff workshop opportunities



The screen fades. A white screen reappears with Lidija at right. At left, text appears within a circle, a red flag icon sits above it. They grow bigger.


TEXT: Interested?



Lidija gives a thumbs up.

Smaller text appears below the last line.


Text: Let’s chat.



The cartoon hand drags the screen to reveal a contact page with 5 lines. From top to bottom it shows


TEXT: Campbell Page- Community, employment, opportunity (stacked logo)




Social media icons. From left to right they include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.


TEXT: 1300 139 920 (Campbell Page contact number) (Campbell Page website)



The video ends.


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