Nice to see you! Face to Face appointments starting from 9 March 2021

From 9 March 2021 all appointments will be face to face.  This is a change the Government announced last month.  Seeing you in the office means we can work together on finding you work. 

There’s more jobs available now that things are almost back to normal and businesses are more confident. Check out jobs hub here. You might be surprised with how much work is out there!

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You can feel safe

Just like other businesses you’ve visited recently, we’ve got our COVID Safe plans in place and our offices are cleaned regularly.  We ask that you please check in using the QR codes on site, use the provided hand sanitizer and abide by social distancing rules. Wear a face mask where required or where physical distancing isn’t possible. 

If you’re sick…

If you’re sick, have been to a recent COVID-19 hotspot or have been told to self-isolate by health authorities you must not attend your appointment, activity or training in person. You must also tell your provider who can advise you about requesting a temporary exemption from mutual obligation requirements. You can also contact Services Australia or your provider for information about exemptions.

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Practice Makes Perfect!

Preparing for an interview

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