1. Rights – I have the right to exercise control and choice when I use services or supports. I also have the right to dignity of risk and to be free from discrimination or harm.
  2. Participation and inclusion– I have the right to participate in my chosen community. I also have the right to decide how I have contact with family, friends and community.
  1. Individual outcomes – I have the right to lead and direct decisions about my life and how the services I use support me.
  2. Feedback and Complaints – I have the right and freedom to give positive and negative feedback about all aspects of my supports and services and expect to see improvements as a result. I also have the right to independent advice and support to provide feedback or make a complaint when I need it.
  3. Service access – I have the right to access services based on fair and equal and transparent criteria, and support for referral when a service is not available.
  4. Service Management – I have the right to services and supports that are effectively managed, regularly reviewed, accountable and contemporary.