What are my National Standards for Disability Service Rights?

  1. Rights – I have the right to exercise control and choice when I use services or supports. I also have the right to dignity of risk and to be free from discrimination or harm.
  2. Participation and inclusion– I have the right to participate in my chosen community. I also have the right to decide how I have contact with family, friends and community.
  3. Individual outcomes – I have the right to lead and direct decisions about my life and how the services I use support me.
  4. Feedback and Complaints – I have the right and freedom to give positive and negative feedback about all aspects of my supports and services and expect to see improvements as a result. I also have the right to independent advice and support to provide feedback or make a complaint when I need it.
  5. Service access – I have the right to access services based on fair and equal and transparent criteria, and support for referral when a service is not available.
  6. Service Management – I have the right to services and supports that are effectively managed, regularly reviewed, accountable and contemporary.

How do I leave feedback?

We have a range of ways you can tell us what you think.

You may receive a SMS survey from us after you attend an appointment.

Directly to your consultant or the site Business Manager.

Email us viahello@campbellpage.org.au

Our website –Contact Us

Web chat

Phone call to our contact centre 1300 139 920

Complaint Resolution and Referral Service (CRRS) who are – an independent, fair and impartial service that provides assistance to resolve complaints. Call 1800 880 052.

The Government’s National Customer Service Line. Call 1800 805 260.

What is an ESAt

An ESAt is a report Centrelink complete to advise your employment provider of your medical conditions, barrier to employment and the hours per week Centrelink deem suitable for you.

Why do I have a job plan?

A job plan is a mandatory document that outlines your mutual obligations (if you are receiving an activity tested payment from Centrelink eg: job seeker payment). Some customers don’t have mutual obligations however we still complete a job plan. The Job Plan will outline activities, such as applying for jobs and attending appointments with us. The job plan will also contain the assistance we are able to offer you in finding suitable employment.