What is DES?

Disability Employment Services is an Australian Government initiative aimed at helping people with an injury, illness or disability prepare for, find and keep a job. Campbell Page is contracted by the Australian Government to deliver Disability Employment Services (DES) from more than 70 sites across Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia and Queensland. Disability Employment Services has two programs: Disability Management Service (DMS) and Employment Support Service (ESS).

What is Disability Management Service?

Disability Management Service (DES-DMS) is intended for people with a disability, injury or health condition who need assistance to find a job. Customers in DES-DMS usually only require occasional support in the workplace to keep a job.

What is Employment Support Service?

Employment Support Service (DES-ESS) is intended for people with a permanent disability who need assistance to find a job. Customer in DES-ESS may need regular, ongoing support in the workplace to keep a job.

General eligibility requirements for DES

You may be eligible for Disability Employment Services if you:

  • have a disability, injury or health condition
  • are aged at least 14 but have not yet attained 65 years of age
  • are at or above the minimum legal working age in your State or Territory
  • have a future work capacity with intervention of at least 8 hours per week
  • are an Australian resident
  • are not studying full time (unless the job seeker is an Eligible School Leaver)
  • are not working at or above their Employment Benchmark hours

Other eligibility criteria may apply, so it’s best to talk to us about your individual circumstances, so that we can help you navigate the system.

Changes to DES Eligibility

From 1 July 2021 , eligibility criteria for DES will be changing.

You will no longer be eligible for DES if you are:

  • assessed as being able to work 30 hours or more per week; or
  • not receiving income support or a pension (unless you are an Eligible School Leaver, Special Class Client, or you’re undertaking Work Assist or a Program of Support). 

To find out more about the DES reform, visit Services Australia.

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