What is ParentsNext

ParentsNext helps parents with children under 6, to plan and prepare for future study or employment. Campbell Page is contracted by the Australian Government to deliver ParentsNext from a range of locations across New South Wales. 

ParentsNext Eligibility

You may need to take part in ParentsNext if:

  • you have a child aged 9 months to 6 years
  • you’re under 55 years of age
  • you’ve been getting Parenting Payment and haven’t worked in the last 6 months.

And at least one of the following applies:

  • you’re under 22 and haven’t completed Year 12 or equivalent
  • you’re 22 or over and haven’t completed Year 12 or equivalent, and you’ve been receiving income support for at least 2 years
  • you finished Year 12 or equivalent and have been receiving income support for more than 4 years.

Volunteering for ParentsNext

You can still choose to volunteer for our ParentsNext program. To volunteer you must:

  • be receiving a Parenting Payment
  • have a child who is under 6 years of age
  • not be a current ParentsNext Compulsory Participant


Still unsure if ParentsNext is right for you?

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