Finding a Job and Spreading Holiday Cheer

Cameron is a hard working family man whose life was unexpectedly turned upside down when he lost his job, home and confidence all at once. He came to Campbell Page unsure, but willing to work hard on his journey towards finding a job.

Cameron worked for his father in the family business for 10 years, when his father had to make the heart retching decision to close the business.  At this stage Cameron was living with his father, so his challenge to get back on his feet was doubled when his father also had to sell the family home. This left Cameron needing to not only find work but also find accommodation for himself and his family.

For Cameron finding a suitable job was unnerving because he had only ever worked in a family business environment that was supportive and understating of his anxiety. The process of establishing himself in the open work force was a huge undertaking.

When I first started looking for work I was willing but nervous that my anxiety would reduce my chances at finding a job. My Employment Consultant Ken supported me and helped find work that made me feel comfortable. – Cameron

Ken was aware of the need to find a safe and suitable environment for Cameron to work, so he worked with Cameron to help make finding a job easier. Ken contacted Staff Australia after seeing some warehousing roles advertised and knew that they were known for providing safe and welcoming environments.

With Christmas coming up, Chrisco were looking for pick packers and Cameron applied. He was successful in gaining induction training and was then offered a position!

Cameron is now thriving in his new employment. He is confident in the knowledge that his existing skills were recognised and appreciated. He is a model employee attending work everyday and he is happy to undertake new tasks.

To show how someone life can be transformed by finding safe and suitable employment Cameron is now not only employed but he is able to afford to rent his own home. – Sarah Ham, Campbell Page Peninsula Business Manager

Congratulations to Cameron on finding a job and finding his confidence again.

Campbell Page is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to transforming people’s lives through securing long term employment. If you would like to begin your own journey towards finding a job we can help! visit our Find Work Page or Contact Us to find out how. If your or someone you know is struggling with anxiety or mental illness please visit Lifeline’s website or call 13 11 14

Words: Tiarne Pattison

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