Having a job can be great, especially when you find one you love, but the best part isn’t just having a job – it’s what it does for the rest of your life that makes it so great . There’s no one that knows this more than Disability Employment Services Customer, Sarah.

Prior to joining our DES program, Sarah was working in traffic control. While she was happy to have a job, she wasn’t really enjoying the work, she had little job security and generally had low confidence in the workplace. She wanted to make a change, but didn’t know how.

I really wanted to get into the healthcare industries, but I didn’t really know how to go about it, I just didn’t believe in myself enough to do it… I didn’t have the confidence

Sarah came to Campbell Page with low expectations, doubting we could provide much help or make her journey into healthcare easier. We’re happy to say we proved her wrong!

Sarah’s Employment Consultant, Jim, quickly discovered her interests in healthcare. They set about linking her up with some of our amazing community partners and local employers to give her the chance to find out more about what each role involved. It was through this process Sarah was able to connect with a local Pathology Service and just like that- Sarah knew what she wanted to do.

Jim supported Sarah into Cert III in Pathology Collection and beyond – helping her with her resume and interview skills. Sarah quickly landed a job as a Pathology Collector. Her role includes collecting, storing and preparing samples (as well as administering COVID-19 tests), and she’s been thriving ever since! Many of her customers have complimented Sarah on her great bedside manner, as well as impressive work with collection. One customer who had a lifelong struggle with drawing blood – and Sarah got it on the first go!

With the help of Campbell Page, Disability Employment Services Customer Sarah has found a job she loves.

I get up and look forward to going to work! I’m excited, at work I get to meet so many amazing people! Getting to know people, it’s just a nice feeling. I’ll be out in the public and someone will start waving at me because they recognise me!

Sarah has found a job she truly loves, and along with that, a newfound confidence within herself. She’s working independently, taking charge of her day, and feeling confident in her decision making – something she didn’t have in past roles.

This newfound confidence is spilling over to her personal life too and she’s enjoying a better social life as a result of her new career. Sarah is enjoying her job security and the steady income and has now set her sites on her next goal – becoming a Nurse. “I feel really happy and proud of myself.”

When asked what her advice would be to others with a disability, illness, injury or health condition and are looking for work, Sarah said: “I would 100% recommend people go to Campbell Page.”

From my own experience, I know how much it helps. I went in thinking it will be like every other place. But the support I got and knowing that [if] I needed help with anything at all [my Employment Consultant] was always there to help. Having that support helped so much, and without that I don’t know what I’d do .

Everyday we’re helping people like Sarah find work, and jobs that they love. If you’re ready to get started on your journey to work, we’d love to help you. Join our Disability Employment Services Program today – complete the form below or call our team on 1300 139 920 to get started.

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