Tracy first came to Campbell Page feeling drained, defeated and down on her luck. When she left the Dapto office for the last time she was filled with pride, gratitude and a feeling of accomplishment after telling the staff she had been offered a chance at a full-time career.

Dapto Employment Consultant, Valmai Loome was with Tracy for every step of her journey toward employment.

I supported Tracy through the time’s in her life that she would rather forget. -Valmai

When Tracy first arrived at the Dapto office she was unemployed due to health reasons, and Valmai worked patiently with her, encouraging her to make appointments and ultimately break the continuous cycle of unemployment. Tracy was not only attempting to motivate herself through her own health issues, her husband had also fallen seriously ill, leaving Tracy no option but to suspend her efforts towards finding a full-time career to take up a full-time carers role.

99 weeks unemployed 2

I was exhausted. I began to suffer from extreme anxiety and believed that I could not leave the house. Valmai knew that due to these circumstances I was exempt from having to attend appointments, but she never gave up on putting all of her efforts into motivating me. – Tracy

When Tracy’s husband’s health improved and he returned to the workforce, Tracy pushed herself to undertake study and develop her skills.  As time progressed she was making more steps to become the bubbly, jovial person that she once was.

I was determined to go back to work, find a full-time career I was excited about and feel as if I was contributing to the community again.

When Aly Suleman at Morgan Imports PTY LTD called Dapto asking for a MYOB trained administration employee, Valmai referred Tracy.  Tracy was interviewed by Aly who had concerns – noting that she had not had employment for many years. Yet he noticed her determination to find employment and decided to offer her a trial which she passed with flying colours.

Tracy’s attitude and work ethic was enhanced due to her first hand knowledge that finding employment can be difficult, especially when there’s a large gap on a resume. She was excited, she was grateful and she immediately organised her life around her new job.

My whole life has improved. I have routine and structure! I am so grateful for the Support from Campbell Page.

Tracy has been working with Morgan Imports for three weeks now.

Tracy has been fantastic, and has learnt a difficult position quickly – Aly Suleman, Morgan Imports

If you or someone you know is suffering from mental health issues, please visit Lifeline or contact them directly on 13 11 14.

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