Good News (Matt) 3

The best thing I’ve ever done! -Matt, 25, Craigieburn

From the age of 11 Matt was dealt the role of full-time carer for his mother, until she sadly passed away in 2014. In the 2 years that followed Matt suffered from heightened anxiety, and unable to find work as a result. Referred to Headspace Craigieburn for anxiety management, Matt was placed on the IPS Pathway.

IPS (Individual Placement Support) is a program run by Campbell Page in collaboration with Headspace, providing young people with mental illness the tools and support they need to enter the workplace. What makes IPS so unique is that it is tailored specifically to 16-25 year olds, and offers in-depth post placement support. For Matt, it has been a make or break opportunity which has ultimately changed his life.

In October 2015 Matt was introduced to Terri (pictured with Matt above), the Campbell Page IPS Employment Specialist who placed him on the pathway to change. He now is employed at a local retail outlet, and Matt remarks that ‘the only thing that I’ve wanted over the last two years or so is to find employment’ -and now he is finally able to ‘get on his feet’ and regain his independence.

The process was not without it’s trials however, as the journey was difficult for Matt who would endure bouts of anxiety along the way.

Terri provided coaching and stress management support for Matt prior to interviews, setting him up with the tools he will inevitably need in other high-pressure moments of his life. Matt believes that ‘the options that have opened up’ for him as a result of his consultations with Terri, have been innumerable. Together the pair were able to overcome Matt’s barriers to employment, with Terri noticing a dramatic change in his confidence as his personal development moves from ‘strength to strength’.

The Campbell Page IPS team believe that employment is one of the surefire ways to help individuals manage their mental health, and for some can even enhance their chances of recovery. Finding a purpose in life can be one of the ways that individuals like Matt, can get on track and reach their potential!

To read more about Matt’s story and transformation into employment you can access the article published in the Hume Leader by clicking the link here.

Good News (Matt) 3

If you or someone you know are struggling with their mental health we recommend you contact Lifeline on 13 11 14 – for more information on mental illness and young people or to find out if there is a Headspace in your community click the link here.