Getting back to work was a priority for Bill when he first came to the Campbell Page Sunshine office. He was anxious and nervous but knew that finding a job would be the best thing for his health.

Bill is a qualified Electrical Engineer and had previously had roles in that industry. He was frustrated at not being able to manage and control his health but knew that if he had a little bit of help getting back to work wouldn’t be so bad.

I was set on getting back to work but from my health to my low self-esteem I didn’t think I’d be able to do it alone. – Bill

Together, Bill and his Employment Consultant, Corinna, worked together on finding a job that was right for him and wouldn’t have a negative impact on his health.

Bill was always very accommodating and flexible, advising that he was willing to accept any reasonable job. – Corinna Lafontaine, Employment Consultant

There were a few jobs available at the time, however, none were 100% right for Bill, until Cecilia Hoang, the Sunshine Service Leader, advised that Ozstaff were looking to fill a picker packer role.

We discussed this role with Bill and although he had never worked in this capacity, he was willing to give it a go. – Cecilia Hoang, Service Leader

Bill was accepted for a job interview, passed his induction, and soon commenced as a picker packer. Since commencing employment, Bill has found different methods of coping with, and managing, his health. He has impressed the employer so much, that they asked him to do his forklift course, so that they could train him for another role.

Corinna sourced the course and Campbell Page financially assisted me. I’m now the proud owner of a forklift license and am working full time hours! I couldn’t have done it without Corinna or Cecilia’s help. – Bill

Bill went on to explain that he is grateful for the support Campbell Page provided to him and how much this job has raised his confidence and self-esteem again.

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Words by: Tiarne Pattison