With 30 young recruits taking part in the Killalea Green Army so far this year, the community can now anticipate several more projects in the pipeline. Killalea State Park is already host to three Green Army projects, who together have planted in excess of 5,000 native fauna in the area, covering a staggering 6 hectares of land!

These young members of the community commenced work in April this year with completion anticipated for late September, for projects involving the Killalea state nursery, the fringe and coast of the park as well as the rainforest itself.

Nathan Cattell who manages the state park said that the program has been ‘fantastic’, and that ‘both the community and the Green Army recruits have really benefited from this experience, it’s been such a rewarding process for everyone’.‘The Green Army has allowed us to re-vegetate the Killalea State Park Rainforest, -we really see the project as an invaluable asset to the community’ he said.

Nathan has already been chatting to several team members about their potential employment opportunities, with one recruit expressing interest in applying for a Supervisor Role to lead a Green Army team over the next round of Killalea projects. The Green Army is an environmental action program that provides young Australians aged 17–24 years with an opportunity to receive practical experience, and to develop their skills in preparation for the workplace.

Campbell Page are one of five service providers delivering the Green Army Programme for the Australian Government together with partners Skillset and TAFE Western – Campbell Page currently run projects across New South Wales, Queensland and the Australian Capital Territory.

For more info about Campbell Page or The Green Army and how you can get involved contact us today.