A huge congratulations to our Scenic Rim teams who graduated from Campbell Page Green Army on 12th of January. Over the past two years, Scenic Rim participants have achieved above and beyond results within the Scenic Rim Council, planting over 42,232 plants and treating 60.65 hectares of weeds.

Additionally, they completed a number of environmental surveys, monitored native flora and fauna, completed two accreted TAFE units each and have gained invaluable on the job skills.
Out of the 70 participants who joined us on this journey, 20 found employment from the project!

GA 1 Northern plantings (10)

We asked our Scenic Rim team what they enjoyed the most from the Green Army:

The Green Army has helped make irreplaceable friends.
It has been great to work outdoors and give back the environment.
I can’t wait to come back in a year to see all the plants and how tall they have grown.

We would like the thank Scenic Rim Regional Council and all our participants for your ongoing support and commitment; we could not have done it without you!

The Green Army is a hands-on, practical environmental action programme that supports local environmental and heritage conservation projects across Australia. It is an Australian Government Programme for young people aged 17–24 years who are interested in protecting their local environment. Participants receive an allowance and gain practical skills, training and experience in environmental and conservation fields.