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Bushfire Recovery Assistance Fact Sheet

Here you will find a summary of assistance measures available to support people affected by bushfires. These are aimed at providing for immediate and short-term needs to support recovery from the bushfires across NSW.

Access it here.

How to show your support

If you would like to support the recovery efforts, there are a number of areas you can contribute to in a variety of ways. Click on the following links for more information.

Donating Money


Our Wildlife


Donating Time

Donating Items

Please only donate goods if charities have specifically requested items. Charities are struggling to sort through donated goods, which has diverted their resources away from the fire effort.

Bushfires and Scams

There are currently a wide range of appeals raising funds for people and animals affected by the bushfires. Unfortunately, some of these are scams.

Scamwatch has seen many types of scams spring up in response to the bushfires, including:

  • Calls and text messages impersonating businesses or government organisations seeking ‘donations’ that they will be sending on to well-known charities.
  • Business email compromise scams where the scammer impersonates a high level employee in a business claiming the business will be making a donation to the bushfires to the scammer’s account.
  • Individuals on social media and crowdfunding sites claiming to be fundraising where it is dubious that the money raised will actually be donated.
  • Impersonation of real charities via calls, text, and even in person through door to door charity appeals.
  • Individuals claiming to be relatives of those affected by the bushfires seeking donations.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has set up a hotline for people worried about bushfire charity scams – 1300 795 995. Reports can also be made on the Scamwatch website

This information is current as at 7 January 2020

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