Janaya attended the Campbell Page Moruya Youth Centre until 2014 when she moved away from her home in Moruya to attend a High School in Sydney and put her education first. The move away from her mob wasn’t easy, but she is so happy she did it.

Janaya had attended the Youth Centre since she was 12 and had participated in the Youth Connection Program before she moved to Sydney. We are so proud of her! – Felicity Clark, Specialist Youth and Family Case Manager

Janaya’s Story

In 2014 halfway through Year Nine I went to Sydney to start a new life.

I felt nervous because I was going to meet new people and I would be living in a big city and attending a new school. I had a lot of support behind me to get me through any challenges that may arise throughout my journey. These challenges I experienced had shaped me and gained my growth as an independent Aboriginal young female today.

I gained a lot of confidence living away from home and especially building new friendships who were in the same headspace as I, such as missing home, my family and my mob. We all supported each other by being by each other’s side and talking about each other’s communities and lifestyles. The funny thing was, living away from home you realised how much you missed your siblings and the simple things.

Living away from my mob wasn’t an easy choice but I have now realised how much I grew while progressing my education.

Janaya made the choice to put her education first and hasn't looked back
Janaya made the choice to put her education first and hasn’t looked back

While building our peer relationships we all realised we may not be from the same bloodline but we all felt our sisterhood was present. I really didn’t know if I could make it through to  Year 12, but halfway through Year 11  I gained clarity of my achievements. I still contacted Mum to ask if I could come home, in my eyes and in my heart my Mum was my rock who empowered me to believe in myself. Those moments I did not want to let my Mum down and I remained at Biala to complete my school years.

I learnt tools to pick myself up when I was feeling down, I am competent to improve my wellbeing. I am so grateful for the opportunity that was handed to me and grateful for my Mum, my family and everyone involved that had helped me on my journey. My advice to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island brothers and sisters –  if an opportunity comes your way take it by the reins and ride all the way. Don’t hold in your troubles, seek support.

Felicity is currently helping Janaya find accommodation in Sydney through the Campbell Page Eurobodalla Reconnect Program.

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