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Option 1 - Join a Sustainability EcoCrew

Launch your career with a 6 month paid job working as part of an environment and sustainability EcoCrew on a range of EcoProjects.
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Option 2 - Become a Market Gardener

When you join a paid Stepping Stone Farm Market Garden EcoCrew, you’ll become a competent and confident market grower so you can start your own sustainable veggie farming business.
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Option 3 - Sow the Seeds Of your Career...

With our Planting the Seed Internship! You'll get hands on experience in environmental work that will lead to a paid job.
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Why should you join an EcoCrew?

  • 01.

    Grow Your Income

    In a 6 month award wage job as part of an environmental EcoCrew or Market Garden EcoCrew.

  • 02.

    Grow Your Skills

    With hands on, accredited training.

  • 03.

    Grow Your Community

    Through repairs, restoration and a range of local environmental "EcoProjects".

About EcoCrews

How does EcoCrews work? We're all about providing paid jobs with accredited training in the environment sector for locals so that communities - and our environment - can thrive.

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From market gardening in Moruya to Beach restoration in Bega and everything in between, there's a Crew waiting to welcome you. Check out our interactive map to find the EcoCrews team closest to you.

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