We are excited to announce that Campbell Page and LINK Community Transport have partnered up to ensure that all people in our community have access to the same services.

LINK is the largest community transport provider in Victoria. They have helped thousands of people live a better life and remain independent by providing safe and affordable transport to social, recreational, health and family commitments. Additionally, LINK has also added assisted shopping and domestic cleaning to their list of services as a way of ensuring that all people have access to a great quality of life.

Together Campbell Page and LINK Community Transport aim to bring together their services to ensure that all members of the community will grow and thrive.

Mario’s Story

I am Mario and I am 56 years old. I had a stroke in August 2016 and was hospitalised for 3 weeks and in rehab for another 8 weeks. I was doing Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy following my discharge from hospital to improve my right arm’s movement and strength.

I came to Campbell Page in early February 2017 for help finding a job. At that time I had weakness in my right arm and I did not have a medical clearance from my doctor to start working full-time. I worked with the Occupational Assessor (OA) at Campbell Page for 3 fortnights to identify suitable work options.

I never thought I could work – Campbell Page changed that.

During the discussions, my OA suggested voluntary work as an option. It sounded good for me because it meant that I could get back into the workforce casually while I worked on building my strength. I started looking for voluntary work in hospitals but the waitlists were often too long, so my OA suggested LINK Community Transport. No sooner had the suggestion been made, Teresa from LINK contacted me and assisted me with all the paperwork to make the process very easy for me.

LINK considered all my health conditions and went out of their way to support me.

They gave me an opportunity that suits me and I am now working as a driver’s assistant. In my job, I assist people with disabilities and elderly people to get on and off the vehicle safely and supervise them during their transport. This job provides me with a sense of belonging and great satisfaction. LINK also provides me with training and skills for my future and is like a family to me because we all look after each other. I really do look forward to my work each day.

When I started my voluntary work I had pain in my right arm because I was moving my arm a lot. Now I have gained more strength and there is less pain in my arm. It looks like my health is improving and my doctor has now given me a clearance to drive my car to work which is a big step forward.

This job is very rewarding and I enjoy working with LINK. I recommend them and Campbell Page to everyone.

Campbell Page is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to transforming people’s lives through securing employment. To find out more about our Disability Employment Services or about us, please continue to browse our website or contact us directly.

LINK Community Transport  is a charitable organisation that supports the elderly, people living with a disability and their carers. They are a trusted provider of transport, assisted shopping and cleaning and social outings, helping thousands of Melbournians live a better life and remain independent. LINK also provides a range of volunteer opportunities for people looking to learn new skills, get back in the workforce and make a difference to the most disadvantaged communities. If you would like to find out more, about LINK Community Transport, please click here.

Words by: Tiarne Pattison