This month’s MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN EVERY HEARTBEAT update focuses on the training services we provide to get individuals ready for employment. At Campbell Page we believe in making a difference across a wide range of communities, so our training services span across aged care, retail, business, childhood education and more. We are also in partnership with TAFE Western Institute and are together delivering unique training programs/ conduct assessments at AMC Prison, Canberra.

 Meet Joe (name changed for privacy) and Ursula who have both been able to change their outlook on life through acquiring new skills in our programs!

A bit about ‘Joe’ and his new pathway 
 “I feel confident to be able to live out my dreams now

October Making A Difference 1

Joe is middle-aged and currently a detainee at the AMC Prison, Canberra. Growing up Joe’s education stopped after Primary School, and later in life he completed a variety of jobs in the construction and transport industry -resulting in a chronic back condition. Despite Joe’s set-backs, the team at AMC noted his proficient English skills and overall high results in his induction testing.

He has since completed a Certificate II in Skills for Work & Vocational Pathways (FSK), and as a result developed an enthusiastic approach to learning and socialising. Joe is not of Aboriginal heritage, yet has expressed interest in learning more about traditional aboriginal languages and hopes to pursue this further on his release later this year. He also would love to support other Men his age, by volunteering at the local Men’s Shed as soon as he able to.

Here’s Joe’s feedback in his own words, about his renewed outlook on life and how he plans to tackle things later this year:

How are you going to use your new skills?

To help me understand software programs better. I now have a pathway to learning and am feeling confident to enroll in other Certificates and Programs. -I want to run my own business, so getting more skills will put me in good stead to do that confidently.

Are you going to look for work?

Yes. My first business idea is a fish farm so I can make some good money, and then lead into an internet/sales based brokerage company with possibilities of expansion later.

What work would you be doing?

I used to be on the pension, and before that did a bit of every thing on the side. I feel more confident now to live out my dreams of being self employed after completing the FSK Certificate II.

Is there any thing else that you would like to add?

I am very grateful for the opportunity and assistance, and it has been such a high quality of help. I would recommend Campbell Page to other people to move away from big organisations to receive more of a personal experience.


Meet Ursula, 51 and loving her new career

I got the job!”

October Making A Difference 2

When we first met Ursula she was was a mature aged job seeker looking to enter the Aged Care Industry. At the time Ursula was living on government payments, and was unable to afford the training required to move into Aged Care work. Working with her Candidate Coach at Campbell Page, Ursula was able to bridge the gap between her skill shortage and the career pathway she wanted to pursue.

Ursula had not been in a study environment for a number of years, and was able to overcome this initial challenge with the support of her Campbell Page Training Coordinator. Together they tailored Ursula’s program to assist her in her to return to study, and also worked through the tricky theory components of the course.

Ursula was able to gain her 4 week work placement at one of the largest employers in the Aged Care sector, and she excelled during the period of hands of experience. As a result, Ursula was asked to submit an application for employment. Ursula’s Training Coordinator was able to prepare her for the interview and orientation process, as well as applying for other roles. When she did receive an offer of employment, Ursula was so excited she personally visited her Training Coordinator to announce ‘I got the job!’.

Successfully completing this course gave Ursula a shot at pursing her passion for Aged Care, and also provided her with financial stability . She now loves what she does, and finds Aged Care a rewarding pathway as it enables her to give back to the community. Establishing her own financial independence has also improved her personal life, providing Ursula with a renewed sense of confidence and freedom.

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