Maverick joined Green Army in July and he is Green Army’s 1000th participant to be placed with us. He signed up to Green Army to increase his skill set and learn about environmental sustainability. He saw the Green Army as an opportunity that would open a door towards employment in the environmental field.

With a background in irrigation, Maverick was keen to use his skills and knowledge and adapt them to tasks that were foreign to him.

When I was working in irrigation, I had worked on the upkeep of Robina Stadium, which is the Gold Coast Titans home ground. I want to use the knowledge I had gained from that experience and apply it to the work I will be doing with Campbell Page Green Army. – Maverick

Maverick has been working on Scenic Rim 8 under the supervision of Green Army participant turned Green Army Team Supervisor, Anthony Hope.

Maverick is keen to gain employment in the environmental field after his time as a participant. He has even mentioned following my pathway and becoming a Green Army supervisor himself. We are proud that a participant with the motivation he has is Green Army’s 1000th participant. – Anthony Hope

Maverick working on Scenic Route 1

Maverick is enjoying the work he is doing with the Green Army and is a great example of how the Green army not only gives participants a new skill set but motivates them to work hard to reach their goals.

I joined the Green Army to enlarge my current skills. I enjoy being outside all day, even when it gets a bit hot. Planting trees has been my favourite activity, being able to put something in the ground and come back later and say, ‘I did that’.

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Words by: Tiarne Pattison