Clarence and Thomas have both lived on Palm Island for the majority of their lives. They have both been a part of several of the Palm Island Community Development Programme activities in the last 18 to 24 months. Late last year they were a part of the nine participants who completed their Certificate III in Rural Operations – now they have both been jobs with Hutchinson Builders.

Both Clarence and Thomas have partners and five children each, so when they were offered the opportunity to upskill and gain their Certificate III in Rural Operations last year, both men were very keen to get involved and give themselves and their families a headstart.

Because Clarence and Thomas were so keen to get their formal qualification, no one on Palm Island was surprised they were offered the jobs with Hutchinson Builders. – Nathan Vinson, Palm Island Community Development Programme Manager

Clarence and Thomas’ new jobs mean that both men will be able to work and live on Palm Island while providing for their families as Hutchinson Builders have been contracted to build and develop the new Health Precinct on Palm Island.

We couldn’t be prouder of Thomas and Clarence! Their hard work and determination is proving to be the key to their success. – Nathan

The Palm Island Community Development Programme (CDP) is a remote employment and community development service. Palm Island CDP aims to help people find work, while allowing them to contribute to their communities and gain skills at the same time. To find out more visit our CDP page or Contact us.

Words by: Tiarne Pattison