To prepare for the Deadly Didge N Dance Festival being held on Palm Island from 20th April to 22nd April the Palm Island Community Development Programme Recycling Team assisted the local Bwygcolman Community State School in area beautification.

Through the utilisation of ladders and small trowels they were able to clean overgrown and blocked gutters around the school’s major buildings. The school grounds will be used as a camping ground for visitors who wish to camp overnight or over the three days of celebrations.

Our recycling team has been working hard to remove recyclable waste from Palm Island to the mainland. with the assistance of Reef Logistics, they have been able to send 6 x 44 gallon drums filled with copper wiring and 8 x pallets of old batteries to Sims Metals in Townsville. – Nathan Vinson, Palm Island community Development Programme

The removal of recyclable waste has enable the team to generate a small income, which they have been using to supplement their workplace with a sandwich maker, hot water urn and healthy morning teas.

2018 marks the centenary of the first forced placement of people on Palm Island and we, the Palm Island Community. The centenary provides an opportunity to reflect on the past 100 years, to celebrate our time now and to invest in a new future for our people. The Island’s Present will be celebrated with a 3-day, 2 night music festival, the “Deadly Didge ‘n’ Dance Festival”, which will feature performances by musicians and artists such as Isaiah Firebrace as well as local dancers, workshops, storytelling, poetry, markets and more. The festival will also feature attempts to break two Guinness World Records.

The Palm Island Community Development Programme (CDP) is a remote employment and community development service. Palm Island CDP aims to help people find work, while allowing them to contribute to their communities and gain skills at the same time. To find out more visit our CDP page or Contact us.

Words by: Tiarne Pattison