Our Community Development Programme (CDP) is our remote employment and community development service on Palm Island. CDP has two parts; helping people find work,and allowing them to contribute to their communities and gain skills while looking for work.

Corrina Ross is a 20 year old Indigenous woman from Palm Island. Campbell Page CDP assisted Corrina in gaining work ready skills and eventually employment.
While receiving Youth Allowance, Corrina was determined to build her skillet, find long-term employment and give back to her community.

At this point in time, Campbell Page CDP was running a program through the Arts Centre. While Corrina was only a participant in this program for two weeks, she gained confidence in herself, experienced a rise in self-esteem, learnt team building skills and further developed her verbal and nonverbal communication skills.


After these two weeks within the program, Corrina applied for a job with Campbell Page and got it! She came on board in November 2015 and has not slowed down since.

I have worked across a variety of tasks in the company which has given me the opportunity to develop a range of skills and learn about the business at different levels. – Corrina Ross

Employment with Campbell Page has allowed Corrina to stay on Palm Island and assist in developing the community and seeing it thrive. The position has given Corrina financial security and a sense of achievement and belonging.

I wanted to contribute to my community. Gaining employment from the very people who helped me, inspired me to continue the cycle.

Congratulations Corrina! Campbell Page has benefited greatly from having you apart of our CDP Team on Palm Island.

If you would like to find out more about the CDP and our work on Palm Island please visit our Campbell Page website.

Words: Tiarne Pattison