Passionate job seeker, Kylie has always wanted to work with animals but was clear that she might need a helping hand to see her dream become her career.

Campbell Page Employment Broker, Tracy Stammers worked with Kylie to assist her in finding employment with animals. After contacting a number of employers, Tracy got in touch with Trent Pennuto of TJP Racing.

Trent mentioned that he had a Stable Hand position available and expressed interest in meeting with Kylie. As Trent is a well-known horse trainer and has had one of his horse run in The Melbourne Cup, you can imagine how excited Kylie was for this opportunity. – Tracy Stammers

Together, Kylie and Tracy got to work on mastering Kylie’s interview skills and ensuring that she was well presented for her interview. This included attending an appointment at Dress for Success. On the day of the interview Tracy offered to drive Kylie to and from the interview so she could support her both before and after, and go over some quick last minute interview tips.

Passionate job seeker Kylie standing with one of the horses she now works with as a stable hand

Kylie was nervous that she wouldn’t get the job because she had mentioned that she would prefer not to work on a Saturday due to parental commitments. Tracy supported her decision and spoke with Trent to negotiate this.

I was worried that I would have to work Saturday shifts – not because I didn’t want the work, but because it is important for me to maintain a relationship with my daughter. And spending time with her is a big part of that – Kylie

Kylie was offered the job that day and was asked whether she could start the following day at 4am.

Of course I said yes! I was so excited to finally begin working in an industry that I was passionate about. None of it would have been possible without Tracy’s ongoing support.

Congratulations Kylie! If you are interested in finding employment that allows you to be passionate and enthusiastic about your work, contact us or visit our about us page to find out how Campbell Page can help you.