The first day of a new job can bring out so many thoughts and emotions. You might be feeling pretty chuffed you’ve landed the role, and excited about what’s to come. Chances are, you’re probably also experiencing some nervousness and fear of the unknown.

Fear not! Keep reading to find out our top tips to get you set up for a great first day of work.

Plan your Morning

Having a routine in place that you can go over in your head can help calm those first day jitters and it helps you avoid any nasty mix ups. (like catching the wrong bus) Take some time leading up to your first day to plan out your transport, morning routine and food for the day. Ask yourself some questions like:

  • Will you walk, ride, drive or commute?
  • How long will the trip take?
  • Do you know which line or connections will get you to your new job?
  • What time will you need to wake up in the morning?
  • How long will it take you to get ready before you can leave?
  • What will I eat for breakfast and lunch?
  • Are there food options close to my job?

Try and build in a bit of extra time in your routine. That way you’ve got a little wiggle room if anything goes wrong (hello peak minute traffic). If everything goes smoothly then hey, it never hurts to be early!

If something does go wrong, call your employer immediately and let them know so they’re aware of the situation or reach out to your In Work Support Consultant.

Get Enough Beauty Sleep

We know, we know- you’re obviously already GORGEOUS! But a good nights sleep isn’t just about looking refreshed. Getting enough sleep the night before your first day will keep you alert and engaged in the workplace throughout the day – you don’t want to be dozing off on the job or missing out on important info because you’re too tired to focus.

Too nervous or excited to sleep? Try some relaxation techniques like guided meditation, relaxing music, aromatherapy or a warm bath before bed. Check out some more ways to chill out and relax here.

Dress for Success

What you wear on your first day depends on your new job. You might have a new uniform already, maybe they’ll give you one when you arrive, or perhaps, there’s a dress code you’ll follow that your employer has told you about.

Take the same approach as you did for choosing an outfit for your interview. Choose something before the day and make sure it’s clean, wrinkle, hole and slogan free. It’s always a good bet to look a little fancier on your first day and then adjust your clothing choices later than to rock up totally under dressed.

You can always check in with your In Work Support Consultant for advice and to plan your first day outfit or work wardrobe. If you need additional support to buy clothing or uniform items for your job, we might be able to help with that too!

Bring your Paperwork

When you first start a job, there’s a lot of paperwork that needs to be completed so you can get paid and your work has the right details to keep you safe. You may have started some of this ahead of your first day, but chances are the bulk of it will be done when you start.

Be prepared to bring along things like:

  • Your bank details
  • Proof of ID (i.e. drivers license, passport, medicare card)
  • Qualifications or tickets
  • Emergency contact details (you might want to chat to a friend or family member to ask them if it’s ok)
  • Your Tax File Number
It may take a little time to complete it all but it’s SO WORTH IT!

Expect to be Inducted

You should receive an induction in to your new workplace. This is where someone (usually your boss or a senior colleague) will show you the ropes of your new workplace and bring you up to speed on what’s required of you. It could include things like:

  • A tour of your office or worksite so you know where to find things
  • Training and compliance
  • Introductions to your team members
  • Making sure all your equipment is in order and ready to go

If you don’t have an induction, or you feel uncomfortable with anything you’ve been shown or asked to do, talk to your In Work Support Consultant immediately.

If in doubt, ask.

You only get to be the newbie at a workplace once. Take this induction time over the next few weeks and months to learn as much as you can and clarify as much as you can. It’ll save you a lot of heart ache in the long run to just ask.

Don’t understand something? Ask.

Forgotten where the toilet is from your workplace tour? Ask.

Think you’ve missed something? Ask.

Asking questions and checking your understanding is how you’ll learn and get more confident. It’s ok not to know it all right away.

Chances are, if you have to ask the question, someone else has too.

Stay positive and have fun!

While the first day can be fraught with nerves and you can often feel self conscious, don’t let those feelings rob you of enjoying it too. You’ve come such a long way to land this job. You’re going to meet so many great people, learn some new things and come pay day- have a whole lot more money in your pocket to do the things you want to do. So enjoy it and stay positive through any hurdles you come up against. You’ve got this and we’ve got you!

Need some extra support for your first day of work?

Call us now on 1300 139 920 or speak to your in Work Support Consultant directly.

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