At 54, Heba was inspired to make a positive change in her life and pursue her dream career. At the same time, she was unsure on how to make her dream a reality – which is what Campbell Page helped with.
Heba met with her Campbell Page Employment Consultant Jo. Together they started working on a career plan that would see her moving out of the Hospitality industry and into massage therapy.

Despite Heba’s strong desire and motivation to reach her goals, she revealed to Jo that she suffers from a severe form of depression in conjunction with various other medical conditions. This was a constant factor that was affecting her confidence to take this step towards her dream career.

One of my biggest concerns about pursuing my dream career was that I wouldn’t be able to find training or employment that allowed me to have flexible work hours. I knew this was something I needed to allow for the days where my mental health had to be put first. – Heba

Jo and Heba discussed the course options available over a few consultations. They found a course that would  see her get the qualifications she needed to take this important step in her career plan, but also flexible. As Heba was nearing the end of her course, she and Jo began looking at potential employment opportunities.

Heba announced that she would ideally love to be able to work for herself – and we ran with that! – Jo Remedios, Employment Consultant

Immediately, Jo suggested the Campbell Page NEIS Program that assists people gain the skills and knowledge needed to start their own business.

I was provided with the building blocks for establishing a successful business through the NEIS Program and the support, guidance and encouragement I desperately needed from Jo.

Having her own business meant that Heba was in full control over her hours and did not have to stress about having to go to work when she needed to have some time to put herself first.

Heba has now been running her business for over three months, is earning an income that is sustainable and is building her business with high hopes for the future.
Congratulations Heba for taking a huge step forward, and also to Jo from Campbell Page, for her ongoing support and guidance.

Campbell Page is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to transforming people’s lives. If you or someone you know is struggling with their mental health please visit the Lifeline website or call them on 13 11 14.
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Words by: Tiarne Pattison