Rebuilding our Community

In early January, Campbell Page launched a Bushfire appeal to help locals along the NSW South Coast clean up, rebuild and recover following the bushfire crisis. Our aim was to make an immediate difference by paying local businesses to complete bushfire clean up, putting money directly back into our fire affected community, stimulating the local economy.

We have completed much needed clean-up projects thanks to the $25,150 we received in generous donations.  These donations are directly helping those who weren’t insured, were under insured, and locals who aren’t physically or financially able to do the clean-up work themselves.

Duea Valley River residents were much forgotten in the aftermath of the fires with town services too far away and limited phone service due to fire affected phone lines. Fallen trees, damaged roads and huge amounts of debris and steel resulted in restricted access to the area.

Our project has given work to local businesses to clean up and remove the debris from the yards of residents who otherwise wouldn’t have had support.

We removed burnt car bodies from one Duea Valley River property.
Piles of steel and debris remained after the fires unable to be removed.

Narrell and her husband have spent the last 12 years building what they call their “sanctuary”, a green outdoor garden space at their Batemans Bay home. Their garden was completely burnt out by fire and sadly, like other residents in the area their garden wasn’t covered by insurance. Thanks to the generous donation from Sikh Youth Australia we were able to pay Eurobodalla Tree Services, a small local business to excavate the deep tree stumps and start regeneration of their land to help get it back to the sanctuary it was.

Narrell and her husband at their Batemans Bay property after the fires.
Work underway at Narrell’s property
The trees are starting to spring back to life.

Eugenio is a self-sufficient hobby farmer who produces enough to support his family of four completely. Sadly, he lost 33 of his chooks during the fires including all of his layers which immediately impacted his family’s food supply. With the help of Campbell Page, 12 new laying hens have been sourced for the family and all the steel and debris that remained on his property has been cleared away.  

We provided 12 new laying hens to help feed a self sufficient family.

Julie is a widow struggling with the sudden loss of everything she owns on top of the grief she bares having lost her husband. During the fires she lost her home, leaving her with only the pyjamas she was wearing.

She’s been living in temporary accommodation and was unable to do anything to avoid the bushfire debris from becoming overrun by weeds and tall, thick grass requiring a ride on mower after the storms and flooding.

We hired MowedIT to help Julie get the lawns under control and with maintenance mowing  we’ll make sure it doesn’t become too much to manage again.

We’ve also helped an elderly Batemans Bay couple following their extended hospital stay as a result of a fall that lead to face, wrist and hip injuries.

The fire tore through their home town while they were away causing extreme dirt and debris to build up in their gutters and on their solar panel cutting off power supply to the house for months.

When they returned home from hospital they had no power and a fridge and freezer full of spoiled food when all they wanted was a hot shower and a home cooked meal.

We hired a local roofer to clean the solar panels to generate the hot water and got the gutters cleaned ahead of the torrential storms that followed the fires.

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