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A train glides along some tracks in the early morning light. The Melbourne cityscape is small on the horizon.


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“Campbell Page. Community. Employment. Opportunity.”

The ‘BE’ in Campbell Page is underlined and highlighted in blue font.


A glass door has orange lettering stencilled on it that reads: “Heading Out. Hair & Beauty.”


A blonde woman sits at a table. She wears a black coat and a purple and white floral scarf.

TEXT: Cassandra Warin. National Disability Employment Partnership Manager, Campbell Page.



What we do at Campbell Page, is we’re about recognizing a person’s ability, not their disability. When we meet somebody who is seeking work, we really work with them closely in the beginning to work out what skills they have and help that person fulfil their career goals.



A brunette woman walks around inside a hair salon. She wears a black cardigan and pants and has a small stud in her left nostril.

TEXT: Spiroula. School of Hairdressing. Heading Out Academy.




Being diagnosed with severe anxiety and severe depression was quite a blow to me because of my personality. Meeting the team at Campbell Page has been good. Krissy was one of them that I really clicked with. She’s such a bubbly personality, really easy going. I can go to her, I can talk to her. I don’t feel like I’m a number. I feel like I’m a person with real stories, with real things that I need to achieve in my life and I know that they’re there to help me through that journey of my life.



An older blonde woman stands in the salon as people work in the background. She wears a pale blue shirt with a name badge and a Campbell Page logo embroidered on it.

TEXT: Kristine. Employment Consultant, Campbell Page.



At Campbell Page, I’m an employment consultant. So, my primary role is to assist people with injuries and disabilities back into employment, or into further training. So, when I first met Spiroula, she first initially thought that she was going to be another number when she walked in the door. But when she came in and realized that she was the primary focus for us, to help her to get to where she needed to be and that was hair dressing, she was really focused on going down that pathway. She had a number of health issues, so when she first came in, we discussed those barriers and we helped address those through support and mentoring and got her to where she needed to be.



Spiroula drapes a black cape over a blonde woman who waits in one of the salon chairs.



I’ve always wanted to be around hair or doing hair. Being involved with Campbell Page has helped me along the way. It’s given me the dream that I’ve always wanted. Meeting new people all the time, being motivated, being out there, being with the people that I love and the clients, the help in that aspect was…invaluable.



Spiroula interacts with salon clients and works around the salon.



Joining Campbell Page doesn’t only help you to get to where you need to be, as proven by Spiroula’s story, but it helps you to achieve those goals. To help you get socially included again, to help you to reconnect with family and friends.



The window of the Heading Out salon has white lettering on the glass that reads: “AHIA Hairdresser of the Year 2016”.

An older red-haired woman sits at a table inside the salon.

TEXT:  Caterina Di Biase. Creative Director, Heading Out Hair & Beauty.



Heading Out has four salons, and recently we had a training academy. Part of my role as artistic director for the company is I’m involved in lots of events. Caulfield Cup is a big event. I was the director for the Fashion Runway Show. And it’s really fantastic when I get that opportunity. Because I could bring young, inexperienced people to come and assist me and be part of my team and experience that. It’s very, very difficult to break into that market, and I think for a trainee or someone learning that’s really important to experience what you can do, where you can go.



Spiroula stands behind the blonde woman who waits for a haircut. She talks to her in the mirror and gestures with her hands as they talk.



Spiroula was one of our students at our academy. So, when these key events come up, I put it out to the students if they would like to come backstage, and Spiroula was one that always put her hand up to come backstage. We had a fantastic experience with Campbell Page and Spiroula’s a perfect example. They really helped her, gave her guidance, otherwise she wouldn’t have been at our academy and would not have had these opportunities. And now she’s got a great career ahead of her.



My life has changed dramatically being with Campbell Page. From where I was, I was extremely sick, was very skinny, didn’t eat. And for anybody that’s watching this, that if you’re suffering a mental illness or you suffer anything that’s holding you back, just remember that there’s always light at the end of that tunnel. That you can achieve what you want to achieve. You just gotta want it hard enough.



TEXT: Help is always available. If you or someone you know is struggling with their mental health, please call Lifeline on 13 11 14 or visit

TEXT: Campbell Page. Find the job and the life that you want. Get started with Campbell Page today 1300 139 920

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