Staff In Focus: Meet Our Business Intelligence Analyst

IT is constantly changing so we have to remain open to new products, developing systems, new ways of getting data, new ways of working with data – it’s an expanding area. It’s my job to work closely with parts of the business to leverage all the information that we have to be able to better support the delivery of our services.

In the five and a half years that I have been here, we’ve helped over 83,000 people into employment – that’s a really big thing.

I’m proud to have helped build the systems and processes that are in place to help our staff be able to get those people into work. We make a point to support our business by allowing our front line staff to focus on what’s important – our clients. The data that we have access to: the different people that we are working with, the employers that we are working with – deeply understanding and analyzing that data to find stories about what’s been happening in the Campbell Page community – that’s exciting!

The industry is always evolving and if our infrastructure can help support the delivery of our services then I have done my job correctly.

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