Late last Friday, two customers from our Campbell Page Frankston and Rosebud locations advised us they had no accommodation for the upcoming weekend. Team Peninsula where quick to jump to action, contacting all the available after hours resources in an effort to secure emergency accommodation.

Unfortunately, due to the shortage of available accommodation on the Peninsula, there were no safe placements. Undeterred, the team created their very own resource- the Swag and Sleeping Bag Library.

While it is not ideal that anyone has to sleep rough the Swag and Sleeping Bag Library means our customers have shelter and warmth when they need it most. The team donated their own money to purchase the swags and staff donated sleeping bags to ensure our customers have a warm and dry place to sleep until they can obtain more permanent accommodation.

Our staff now get to say we can help you. The swags are light, portable and weather proof so they can be easily carried and have room to fit personal belongings.- Jackie Hamilton, Job Support Officer.

Jackie and Joanne from the Frankston office also participated in the Fusion Sleep in Your Car campaign last year where they raised funds for youth homelessness on the Mornington Peninsula. That night showed how significant the problem of homelessness is in the area. The team are proud to be contributing to a solution in offering the Swag and Sleeping Bag Library. 

We are in it together and we want to do what is right and sometimes you get to do that by daring to be different.- Jackie Hamilton, Job Support Officer.

Campbell Page is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to making a difference in our communities. Our Disability Employment Services team work with people who have a disability, illness, injury or mental health condition to help them find great jobs and a brighter future. To find out more about our Disability Employment Services, please visit the DES page on our website. To find out more about Campbell Page please click here, or contact us directly.

Words by: Ella Driver