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Squat industrial buildings near some bushland on an overcast day.

Swirling black and blue colours form into bold text that reads:

“Campbell Page. Community. Employment. Opportunity.”

The ‘BE’ in Campbell Page is underlined and highlighted in blue font.

A tin-roofed brick building has a sign on its wall that reads: Elite Food. Best Product. Best Price. Best Service. Wholesale to Public.

A middle-aged man has grey streaks in his hair and wears a blue suit jacket over an open-collared blue shirt.

TEXT: Ross McLatchie. National Development Manager, DES Campbell Page.



Campbell Page is a not-for-profit organisation we work with a wide range of participants across our communities and a lot of the people that come to us, come to us with a lot of uncertainty and a lot of apprehension and concern about can they actually find work.



A dark-haired man drives a yellow forklift and packs groceries onto shelves in a small warehouse.

TEXT: Umit Uyar. Warehouse Officer, Elite Foods.

A blue and green spiral logo has “Disability Employment Services” written beside it in black text.



To be honest, I was unemployed. I was struggling to find work because I had a sort of disability with psoriasis. A lot of employers didn’t want to hire. I didn’t know how to go about it. Didn’t have much interview skills.

I learnt this from Campbell Page. They taught me through not just employment, but psychologically as well. And how to go day-by-day and how to feel confident about myself.



Umit shakes hands with a young, dark-haired woman who walks into the Elite Foods warehouse.

TEXT: Ilayda Bilgili. Employment Consultant, Campbell Page.



Umit came in Campbell Page long time ago. He’s been unemployed for so long. Within two years we’ve done a lot of things for him including psychological consultation. He has physical problems as well, his hands, skin problems. So, he believed that no one can employ him. We highlighted his skills and we’ve done his resume accordingly, and then we started looking for jobs. We used our Campbell Page network to employ him.



We work with employers, and we work with them to help them to understand the importance and the benefits of employing a diverse workforce. We actually make sure that the person that they employ is still the best person for their business. After all business is business and you still need to make sure you have the right person in the right role. There are many benefits to doing this both for the participant, but also for them as a business. It makes really good business sense to employ people with diversity and people with disability to help reach out to other people in the community.



A young, dark-haired man has dark stubble and a black earing in his left ear. He stands beside the food-packed shelves inside the Elite Foods warehouse.

TEXT: Nurat. Director of Elite Foods.



This is Elite Foods. I established this business five years ago. Ilyda and me, we focused to get some people to suit my business. And she asked a couple of questions, what kind of people I need, and she understand. She really focused in this way and she sent me correct people. When I leave Umit in the shop, I can totally trust him. And that is the main important thing for me.




A smiling Umit and Nurat pack stock onto the shelves inside the warehouse.

Umit interacts with customers at Elite Foods.



This job is got me face to face with customers, with clients, so it has really helped me a lot. At the moment, I am just so thrilled that I’ve got a job. It’s a good feeling. It’s been fantastic for me. Where I am coming from, I had a lot of issues, boredom is probably one of the worst issues I had. Plus, I had a lot of psychological face to face contact with a lot of people I had a lot of problems with this. Getting up in the morning and wanting to get up in the morning and come to work and working and getting yourself tired, and going home. You got a purpose to sleep. And you actually think back, I’ve done something today, I’ve done something good.



Umit bags up some goods for a customer.



People that are struggling out there, they’re struggling to find a job, I was there I was in that spot and that’s not a good place to go. But the only way to get to get better is trying and trying. No matter what situation you’re in, just keep believing in yourself.



TEXT: Help is always available. If you or someone you know is struggling with their mental health, please call Lifeline on 13 11 14 or visit

TEXT: Campbell Page. 1300 139 920

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