Unemployed but Driven and Determined: Dean’s Story

Aged 43, Dean had been unemployed for over a year and in a residential rehabilitation facility to try and tackle his alcoholism. Driven to make a change in his life, Dean was supported by Megan at his local Campbell Page hub, where he identified a potentially suitable job as a Waste Sorter at a plant in his neighbourhood.

Megan encouraged and supported Dean to go after the role helping him complete his application.

All the effort was worth it as Dean got the job and we were able to help him with the necessary clothing and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to start work. – Megan Hart, Candidate Coach

The first week of work was certainly a challenge for Dean but with the support of Megan, he was able to move past some initial obstacles and tackled week two with renewed enthusiasm and determination. Dean was doing really well in his new role. However, after three months Dean was facing legal challenges in his personal life.

Determined to help Dean keep it all together and stay in work, Megan organised counselling for Dean to help him work through these trials and tribulations. Dean attended court and received a suspended sentence which allowed him to continue working and attending counselling.

Now, many months later, Dean still attends his Campbell Page hub regularly to check in and let us know how he is doing. Each time he comes in we celebrate his newest achievement and milestone with him. Dean’s determination and the support of the Campbell Page team helped Dean recover and manage his problems with alcohol.

One year ago, I would never have believed I would be in such as good of a place as as I am now. – Dean

If you would like to get in contact with your closest Campbell Page Hub to begin your journey towards sustainable employment, please click here to visit our website. If you or someone you know is experiences problems with alcohol or substance abuse please visit the Lifeline website and contact them on 13 11 14

Words by: Tiarne Pattison


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