Have you ever avoided applying for a job because it asked you to submit a cover letter?

Cover letters can seem confusing (and probably pointless) if you don’t get what they’re all about! We’ve broken down the basics of a cover letter so that you never have to avoid applying for a job again!

What’s the point of a cover letter?

Great question! A cover letter is basically a letter of recommendation for yourself. It briefly sums up your skills and experience and why you’d be perfect for the job. It gives an employer a “taste” of what you’re offering so that they want to read your resume.

Employers see hundreds of applications every day and are looking for just the right combo of skills and experience. A cover letter bundles up everything they need to know about you in a neat little package and makes it easy for them to see if you’re the person for the job.

Ok, so what should it include?

Another stellar question!

1. Contact details

We want to make it as easy as possible for the employer to get in touch with you, so pop your contact details right up front.

2. Address it to the employer or hiring manager

This makes it feel more personal and like you’ve really done your research (because you did!). If you really can’t find who you should be addressing it to a “to whom it may concern’ is totally fine.

3. Call out the position you’re applying for

The company might be hiring for a range of positions, so specifically list which position within their company you’re after.

4. Sell yourself

This is what you’re here for. Why are you right for the role? What skills and experience do you have? Give some specific details

5. Sign off

End your cover letter with a professional but confident sign off like “I look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely [insert name here]”.

Is there anything else I should know?

Whoa! you are knocking it out of the park with these questions. As a reward, here’s some bonus tips.

A cover letter should be specific to each job you apply for. Customise your skills and experience to each position and make sure you’re updating the hiring managers name, company name, position title as needed. You could nail the rest of the cover letter but if you write you’re applying for a position with KFC and have submitted it to Subway… *crickets*

Just like with your resume, keep it simple. Use an easy to read font at 11 or 12 points and always always always spell check. Detail really counts.

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