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We know that 1 in 5 people in Australia have a disability of some nature. With this in mind, I have noticed that a wave of change is happening in our country. More and more employers are advocating for inclusion and diversity, for acceptance and for understanding.

This is what I know for sure, that a wave of change is happening in our country.

Last week I had the honour of attending a Harmony Day forum in Melbourne CBD: Disrupt-Create-Connect, The Business of Multiculturalism, presented by Polaron Language Services in partnership with Ethnic Communities’ Council of Victoria. I attended with Sally Close from Tip Top Bakeries. We were 2 of 100 invited people representing our companies in support of social inclusion and diversity.

I was delighted to meet Huss Mustafa, General Manager, Commonwealth Bank. Huss spoke passionately and proudly as an Australian Muslim from Turkish Cypriot background.

He spoke of his challenges growing up as a young boy…Huss was determined to prove his teachers wrong.

He spoke of his challenges growing up as a young boy, such as the parent-teacher nights where he translated to his parents how the teachers warned him to lower his expectations due to cultural differences. From that moment Huss was determined to prove his teachers wrong.

It was easy for me to understand where and why his passion for social inclusion and diversity derives. Huss is determined to support and employ the community that represents us all. Huss told me how he recently assisted a young lady with a disability into a CBA branch, and how this had such a positive impact within the community. We will definitely be meeting up again soon to discuss how Campbell Page and the Commonwealth Bank of Australia can work together.

We enjoyed a message from The Hon. Robert Clark MP Shadow Minister for Industrial Relations.  I was delighted to meet Michelle Sheppard, Founder LGBTI Jobs. Michelle is a passionate businesswoman, who just happens to be transgender. She is admired for her public and bold moves to make workplaces as inclusive and diverse as possible. She is often labelled as an inspiring advocate and role model for youth and adults alike.

I learnt today that Sussan’s fashion stores nationally are empowering and supporting women returning to work from breast cancer. Dr Sabitra Kaphle, Population Health Team Leader Daniella Health is truly trailblazing in the Hume region for inclusion and diversity.

A wave of change begins with people like this.

A wave of change begins with people like this. Like all of us at Campbell Page, these change makers recognise the potential in all people to be meaningful contributors to the community. That’s why as an organisation we are reaching out and championing employers everywhere, -helping them create innovative and supportive workplaces.

What does Harmony mean to you? To me, it means embracing change and coming together to make a difference.

Looking forward to keeping you updated on the next phase of our journey!

Kind Regards,

Cassandra Warin

National Disability Employer Partnership Manager

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