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Option 1 - Join an EcoCrew

Launch your career with a 6 month paid job working as part of an environment and sustainability EcoCrew on a range of EcoProjects.
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Option 2 - Become a Market Gardener

When you join a paid Stepping Stone Farm Market Garden EcoCrew, you’ll become a competent and confident market grower so you can start your own sustainable veggie farming business.
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Option 3 - Sow the Seeds Of your Career...

With our Planting the Seed Internship! You'll get hands on experience in environmental work that will lead to a paid job.
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Find a Crew Near You!

From market gardening in Moruya to Beach restoration in Bega and everything in between, there's a Crew waiting to welcome you. Check out our interactive map to find the EcoCrews team closest to you.

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Why should you join an EcoCrew?

  • 01.

    Grow Your Income

    In a 6 month award wage job as part of an environmental EcoCrew or Market Garden EcoCrew.

  • 02.

    Grow Your Skills

    With hands on, accredited training.

  • 03.

    Grow Your Community

    Through repairs, restoration and a range of local environmental "EcoProjects".


Find out more about how you can support EcoCrews and help us strengthen local communities
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EcoCrews is funded by the NSW Bushfire Local Economic Recovery (BLER) Fund. 
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EcoCrews is proud to announce that we are officially a certified social enterprise with Social Traders.

Social Traders is the pioneer of Social Enterprise Procurement in Australia and is the only Social Enterprise certifier and intermediary dedicated to connecting businesses and governments with Social Enterprises.

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