What you should wear to a job interview

11 December,2020

You’ve just got the call; you beat out tonnes of other applicants with your resume and you landed an interview. You’re probably so excited, (and you should be- this is huge) but maybe there’s a tiny hint of worry setting in about what to wear to put your best foot forward.

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How to talk to an employer about your disability

20 November,2020

First of all, let's just make one thing very clear - this is your private information which means only you can decide when and who you want to share it with.

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Industries set to boom after COVID

14 October,2020

It's fair to say that 2020 hasn't gone according to plan. The Australian bushfires, compounded by the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic have made for a really tough year for everyone.

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Tune in to your senses this Mental Health Month

12 October,2020

Have you ever had one of those days where everyone and everything annoys you? Maybe your day has been jam-packed with a long list of things that you HAVE to get done? Or you’re just feeling a bit off, but you don’t know why? Stop and take a breath. It sounds like it’s time to tune in to your senses and look after yourself.

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Tune in to Community this Mental Health Month

05 October,2020

This year has been full of uncertainty, stress, isolation and feelings of loneliness which can all negatively impact our mental health.

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What’s a Cover Letter and why do I need one?

28 July,2020

Cover letters can seem confusing (and probably pointless) if you don't get what they're all about! We've broken down the basics of a cover letter so that you never have to avoid applying for a job again!

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How to Nail a Job Interview

28 July,2020

Chances are you're pretty excited to have made it this far (and you should be) but those nerves probably started kicking in the minute you hung up the phone right?

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How to write a resume

27 July,2020

So, you’re wanting to apply for a job but they’re asking for a resume. Gah! Firstly, don’t panic. We’ve got you.

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Food hampers help families during lockdown

21 May,2020

To help ease the financial strain felt by families during lockdown, our Community Services Team have been delivering hampers of food to the doorsteps of residents in Eden, Bega and along the NSW South Coast.

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‘Everyone is doing it tough’: Family food donation welcomed by Bega Valley Public School

19 May,2020

Food packages have been donated to fourteen Bega families with children attending Bega Valley Public School.

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