For Campbell Page client Nathaniel, it took some time to find the right job alignment. But he’s now been able to find employment using his electronics skills after Campell Page’s Workforce Solutions team submitted a Job Access claim to APC Technology, a South Australian-based company that design, manufacture and support world leading technology solutions for businesses.

Nathaniel works to assemble fully sealed keyboards that are used in harsh environments and are designed to stop dust and moisture getting into the boards. He is happy working with a great team of people.

“It has allowed me to be more focused, doing something getting away from home, talking to fellow colleagues,” Nathaniel said.  

“As I have been studying electronics at TAFESA, this is allowing me to put into practice my skills I have learned at TAFE and from other things I have done in my life.”

Campbell Page’s Workforce Solutions team helped Nathan secure employment after he spent a significant period searching himself without success.

“I went to Campbell Page as one of their offices was close to where I live, and therefore I didn’t need to catch any public transport, as I am unable to drive,” Nathaniel said.  

“They have helped me look for employment (and I have been looking for work in the mainstream employment), they have helped me with tips on improving my job search and other information on gaining employment which includes job preparation, interview skills, etc.”

As Nathaniel is legally blind and requires a magnifier to perform his work daily, the Campell Page Workforce Solutions team collaborated with APC Technology and Job Access to successfully fulfill Nathaniel’s specific equipment needs – and he’s been busy on the product line ever since.

I have not long ago received this magnifier – it is going to be useful in finding parts I require on the parts shelves, and making other aspects of my job easier,” he said.

Nathaniel’s employer is very happy with his work and Campbell Page look forward to an ongoing partnership with APC Technology.

“A physical disability doesn’t have to define or limit your employment opportunities, and Nathaniel is a perfect example that with a little help, employing people with a disability can be very rewarding and beneficial for your business,” Campbell Page CEO Paul Barbaro said.

“It’s something we see every day at Campbell Page, and stories like Nathaniel’s make me so proud of what our team and our clients can achieve together.”

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