Not-for-profit employment and community service provider Campbell Page hosted a premiere on Friday for documentary films made for the My Voice, My Journey First Nations Youth Leadership Program.

The program, funded by the NSW Government’s ‘Our Region, Our Voice’ Regional Youth Investment Program, empowers young First Nations people to build confidence and cultural identity while creating a platform for their voices to be heard. 

Participants in the program showcased their first two documentaries as well as played key roles in hosting the event’s 200 plus attendees, which included the filmmakers’ friends and families, government representatives including Mayor Mathew Hatcher and Fiona Phillips MP, as well as philanthropic organisation representatives and supporters.

“The involvement of our young people throughout the evening reflects the value of the My Voice, My Journey Program in helping to reduce shame and build confidence through their culture and connection to Country,” My Voice, My Journey Program Founder and Manager, Todd Chatfield, said. “The fact that our young people were so involved in the evening and were not afraid to show who they are in front of a large crowd speaks volumes as to how far they have come. That confidence embodied by the young people flows through to all the community, and we are very proud of all our young people.”

Campbell Page and The VERTO Group remain deeply committed to empowering youth and fostering leadership skills in Indigenous communities. Hosting events such as this represents a continued dedication to providing platforms for the voices of young leaders to be heard and celebrated.

“We are grateful to have shared this remarkable evening and to have celebrated the achievements of inspiring young leaders,” Campbell Page CEO Gail O’Donnell said. 

“The event showcased immense talent as well as the importance of creating platforms for young Indigenous leaders to share their voice. We are immensely proud of the fantastic work that Campbell Page does to support this vision.”