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Give a little (or a lot)

As a not-for-profit organisation, we’re passionate about supporting people and giving back to our community. The more money we make (and raise through donations), the more we can give back!

Work with us, and as a Campbell Page employee you can be proud knowing that we donate a portion of our profits from EVERY successful employment services outcome back to community services to make a difference.

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Get a whole bunch of perks!

You’ll get a bunch of perks when you work with us including the flexibility to “design your days”.

Not to mention you’ll get part of your pay TAX FREE, a super supportive Employee Assistance Program, awesome bonuses if you refer a friend for a position with us, oh yeah- and you can purchase extra leave to take that holiday you’ve been planning.

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Grow your skills & get rewarded

Take control and steer your career whichever way you want with Campbell Page. We’ve got an exciting range of online training options to help you succeed in your role as well as professional development opportunities. Whatever you want to achieve, we’re here to support you!

You’ll be rewarded for your hard work with awards for being awesome, on the spot recognition, team events and cross company collaboration.

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