19 and a half years, 234 months 1,021 weeks, 7,147 days. That is how long Simon was looking for work as a registered job seeker.

From the age of 16, Simon was receiving income support. In a slow labour market, Simon was hopeful but unsure whether he would be successful looking for a job alone.  Now at 40 years old, Simon has skills, qualifications and a job he enjoys with the help of Campbell Page.

At Campbell Page, we know and understand how difficult it can be looking for work. Simon is a great example of how persistence and dedication pays off in the end. – Donna Horan, Area Manager, Illawarra South

When the opportunity arose for Simon to participate in a traffic control course, Simon gained valuable skills and a qualification with the ongoing support and mentoring from his Employment Consultant. Once qualified Simon became the ideal candidate for a traffic control position that opened up with Platinum Traffic.

Simon applied for the job, went to the interview and got the job! He was so excited to stop looking for work and start doing something he enjoyed that he took the job right away.

Simon commenced work as a Traffic Controller with Platinum Traffic and has stayed employed since 15th August 2016.

Simon was so excited to start working and stop looking for work

Simon attends the office fortnightly for a catch-up and to share his successes. Now that he is employed he is learning new skills every day, including reporting his income to Centrelink, which we helped him with initially, as he had never had to do this before. – Donna

Some of the recent successes he has shared with Campbell Page have been, winning ‘Rookie of the Year’ at his workplace and receiving a $50 gift card for doing so, as well as securing approval for his first bank loan to buy a brand new car.

Gaining employment has allowed me to purchase a new car and have money in the bank so I can start planning for my future. – Simon

To date, Simon has been employed for 6 months and is already making an impression with his boss, who has mentioned that Simon is being considered for a supervisor position.

Congratulations Simon! You have come a long way, and will continue to succeed with your can-do attitude.

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Words: Tiarne Pattison