Karen came to Campbell Page at the age of 50, after being with other employment services since a car accident in 2001. She wanted help getting into work and finding a job that she could see herself enjoying while also maintaining her physical and mental health.

Willingness to find a job that she could sustain would only take Karen so far. She struggled with her mental health and physical injuries from her car accident but was known in the Frankston office as a survivor and a warrior after she disclosed that she had overcome everything from domestic violence to homelessness in her life.

I have been through a lot in my 50 years, budgeting into work and keeping my physical and mental health in check were now my focus areas. – Karen

Not just determined, Karen was a highly skilled woman, who had completed Year 11 as a mature aged student, a Hospitality course, a Certificate II in Retail, and a Certificate III in Community Services.

I hadn’t had an interview for over 10 years, so when Tracy and everyone at Campbell Page took an interest and worked hard to help me reach my goals, I was beyond excited to get an interview so quickly.

Karen secured an interview with an Aged Care Facility as a Food Services Attendant, so Tracy helped her purchase a new professional outfit for the interview.

She attended her first formal interview, with Tracy by her side and afterwards was notified that the employer was so impressed with Karen that they wanted to personally mentor her moving forward, in anticipation of future roles.

Getting into work was made easier for Karen when she started working with Campbell Page


In and out of employment services since 2004 Krystal struggled with finding a job that was the right fit. She came to Campbell Page in 2015 as a skilled job seeker ready to find her passion.

After discussions with her Employment Specialist, Krystal decided she would like to be a personal trainer, as Krystal’s condition had such an impact on her life, she wanted the opportunity to help others come as far as she has.

Krystal and her Employment Specialist, Jo, researched different courses and training providers and decided the best fit for her would be a Certificate 3 and 4 in Fitness through Chisholm TAFE. Campbell Page assisted with some of the cost of training and supported Krystal through her studies. Krystal completed her Certificate 4 in November 2016 and has started employment with Peninsula Aquatic Recreation Centre as a Personal Trainer.

We continue to provide support to Krystal through her employment journey.

After helping Krystal find a job, Jo stated:

Sometimes it’s better to help the participant work out what career path they want to take, then placing them in any job. Krystal is so happy now and knowing that I was a part of that – helping her find her passion is what makes me love my job.

Krystal found getting into work easier when she sought help from Campbell Page. She is pictured here standing in front of our Transforming lives wall in Frankston

Congratulations to Karen and Krystal for getting into work and reaching your goals. Campbell Page is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to transforming people’s lives through securing long-term employment. If you would like to find out more about us please visit our website or contact us directly.

Words by: Tiarne Pattison