Our ParentsNext program is about so much more than finding work. We can help you find a balance between your parenting duties, life admin and personal goals. As well as helping you to develop a tailored, flexible plan to achieve what you want to achieve.

When Maddie first came to Campbell Page, she felt a deep sense of helplessness. She’d found herself alone with a baby, no money and no support from family or friends. She didn’t know where to start, let alone what her goals were and it was severely impacting her mental health.

We set about finding immediate support for Maddie by connecting her with a counsellor. Over the next few months we worked slowly with her to make a plan at her pace, and slowly, things got a little less overwhelming.

Maddie now has a fresh start, she’s got a new partner in her life that cares about her and her son, and she’s landed a traineeship as a dental assistant.

I can see that the [Candidate] Coaches main goal is to help me, and to treat me with respect.

Travis was preparing for his son to start school when he joined the ParentsNext program. He was in between career paths and wasn’t sure which direction to head in but he wanted to be financially secure for his son.

After lengthy discussions with his Candidate Coach about his options, Travis expressed a keen interest in Youth Work, and was enrolled in a Certificat IV in Youth work at the local TAFE.

Travis was nervous about starting study, particularly with his son starting kindergarten at the same time, but he excelled. He has since graduated and commenced additional education this year.

I have completed a certificate and want to thank you for supporting me through it.

Here’s what some of our customers had to say about our ParentsNext program.

Thank you, I have never had support like this. [I always felt passed around]. I feel like ParentsNext really care. I am now studying and due to start work.

I’m showing my kids that because you are a single parent doesn’t mean you can’t go [the] places ParentsNext have steered me.

Campbell Pages’ ParentsNext program has gone above and beyond to accommodate me as a parent and [has] worked with me to achieve my goals

I am so proud of myself, I am the first person in my family to achieve any qualification and now I have my traffic control ticket”

[I] love the flexibility of ParentsNext and the choice I get. [I] feel like I am not just being pushed through the system.

Names have been changed to protect our customers privacy.