Content warning: This article discusses gendered violence & domestic abuse.

Campbell Page is committed to creating a thriving community that’s free from domestic and family violence. As part of our continued commitment to gender equality, we’re pleased to announce that we have been awarded White Ribbon Australia workplace accreditation.

This accreditation, which has been completed over a number of years, shows that our commitment to gender equality and creating safe workplaces for everyone goes beyond words and has been assessed and endorsed by experts in the field. It reinforces the great work our teams are doing and it helps to strengthen our approach to creating a culture that is respectful, safe and of course, equal.

We’ve built a culture in our offices and within the communities we service that actively helps to prevent domestic violence. We have additional policies, procedures, and support systems for our staff and customers who may be experiencing domestic violence, or who need support to leave. We also deliver specialised community programs and initiatives for our customers that promote respectful relationships and empower women.

The work we do supporting people to thrive by getting a job connects us with many members of the community that are at risk of or experiencing family or domestic violence. To make sure our customers get the support they need to achieve the future they want, we partner up with a range of fantastic community organisations so that we can offer a supportive, holistic solution.

Campbell Page is proud to support White Ribbon Australia and is committed to preventing gendered violence and providing safe and supportive spaces for our employees and customers.

Our sites are abuse free zones. If you’re experiencing domestic violence, or need support to leave, we’re here to help. For more information on White Ribbon Australia visit